Tuesday, April 26, 2011

selesai hujan tadi sore

untuk tiada
hujan sesaat
entah indah
entah apa

hanya tertinggal dingin
menyisakan basah

kini aku memimpikan pelangi
agar bisa kuwarnai malam

Saturday, April 16, 2011

virtual game

The illogical within the rational.
The irrational within the logical.
What kind of game are we playing?
A game without win or loss.

It's evil angel game.

Let me breathe in your dreams.
I'll be your dust. And your air. And your rain.
And you'll be my visible and invisible sight.
We don't need compliments.

You almost see me evil.
I almost see you angel.
Sometimes, i see you evil and you see me angel.

My voice on your lips.
Your whisper on my eyes.
Maybe we never truly virtual.
We were just too easy to catch.
But still, our words empty of reality.

No matter how illogical, no matter how irrational it will be, we are daring to try.
Welcome to this game.